“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”
The Little Prince, A. de St Exupéry


Associating Love and Leadership? This may seem surprising at first. Yet without love, humanity would not exist. The need for love is a vital need. We all want to feel loved and recognized at our true value.

Isn’t it said that love gives you wings? That it can move mountains? 

Why should the company do without this beautiful and powerful energy? 

What if every collaborator could say:

 “I love my job! I can’t wait to be back on Monday morning!” 

“I belong here, I wouldn’t work anywhere else” 

“I love my boss! He/she is an exceptional person! I love working with him/her!”

How do you become that radiant and loving leader that everyone would want to follow to the ends of the earth?

How do you create a truly loving organization in which everyone can fully develop to excel collectively?

How to boost the economic performance of my company through the power of love?

These are the issues we propose to address together.

Emmanuelle Marcos

Founder, Love in Leadership


The coaching we offer

Our core competencies

General Management and Executive Committee experience
Purpose-led strategy development

Development of potential

Change Management
Conflict resolution

Tailor-made approach combining
the intelligence of the heart and mind

Unleash the power of love
Research in social sciences

Holistic and systemic approach
Neuroscience and universal wisdom

Our beliefs

. We have an unshakeable faith in human nature, in its natural abilities and in its will to contribute to a better world for itself and for future generations. 

. We believe that love for one’s relatives, colleagues and others begins with self-knowledge and a deep love for oneself, without excessive ego.

. It is the recognition of our qualities, our talents, our potential, that will give us the confidence to overcome our fears to realize the best of ourselves.

. We are convinced that the intelligence of the heart, knowledge, intuition and collective intelligence will help us find the right direction and make the best decisions.

. We believe in the capacity of each one of us to take responsibility, to reinvent ourselves, to work as a team in a supportive and constructive way, to achieve ever more beautiful projects.

. We undoubtedly believe in success and shared joy.

Together, let’s unleash the power of Love!

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