A story … of love!

It all started with a cry from the heart from my coaching teacher: “You, Emma, it’s obvious: it’s LOVE !!!! “ 

So my destiny would be to accompany men and women to put love back into their lives? What a wonderful project! I can instantly see all my life’s journey and the love that I have been able to put in each of my initiatives and in my relationships with the people I have been in contact with… Yes, it’s very true, it’s really me! I feel that this idea resonates deep within me and puts me in a deep and lasting joy.

My second reaction is sadness. I have always loved the corporate world and feel like a fish in water, but I imagine having to give it up: there is so little love in the corporate world. A new cry from the heart of my teacher, which sounds like a challenge: “But that’s just it! The company needs so much love! Yes, of course! Life in a company is so much more beautiful when love is present! I have had the opportunity to experience this for myself, both as an collaborator and as a manager. Working in a loving organization gives you wings. Love is an incredibly powerful and unlimited energy, which allows for the most ambitious initiatives. The potential of the collaborators is increased tenfold and the company itself is galvanized. I have therefore decided to take up the challenge of inviting companies to listen and let their hearts speak, to become truly loving organizations, for the good of all: employees, managers, shareholders and partners. Some are already a little bit loving, others much less so, or not at all. Not all of them will follow me, but those that do will undoubtedly see the great benefits. Their success will encourage others to do the same. Putting love back into people’s lives – starting with business – will now be my raison d’être.

With Love,

Emmanuelle Marcos, Founder of Love in Leadership


Our ultimate goal

“The day when the power of love is greater than the love of power, the world will know peace. N. Mandela

Thank you Mr. Mandela for these beautiful words, so right, so powerful and inspiring.

The day when the understanding of the other and the love of the other will be greater than our desires for power and wealth, we will no longer feel the need to take more than our fair share, and we will help everyone to receive theirs.  We will then be able to live in harmony and peace.

Businesses and organizations play a leading role in contemporary society and as such, they have the power and responsibility to change the current system to contribute to a more equitable and respectful world for all living beings.

Our purpose

The mission of “Love in Leadership” is to awaken each of us, collaborators, leaders and executive board members to the intelligence of the heart and the power of love, and to guide them towards reaching their full potential as radiant and loving leaders.

“Love in leadership” guides companies on their way to transforming themselves into loving organizations, allowing each team and each collaborator to shine fully and to reach together an unequalled level of excellence.

« It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye”.”  The Little Prince, A. de St Exupery.

Our beliefs

. We have an unshakeable faith in human nature, in its natural abilities and in its will to contribute to a better world for itself and for future generations. 

. We believe that love for one’s relatives, colleagues and others begins with self-knowledge and a deep love for oneself, without excessive ego.

. It is the recognition of our qualities, our talents, our potential, that will give us the confidence to overcome our fears to realize the best of ourselves.

. We are convinced that the intelligence of the heart, knowledge, intuition and collective intelligence will help us find the right direction and make the best decisions.

. We believe in the capacity of each one of us to take responsibility, to reinvent ourselves, to work as a team in a supportive and constructive way, to achieve ever more beautiful projects.

. We undoubtedly believe in success and shared joy.

Together, let’s unleash the power of Love!