Towards a radiant and loving leadership

Personalized coaching for Leaders

Some examples of needs expressed recently:

“I tend to say yes too easily. I feel that I need to gain self-confidence in order to dare to assert myself, to be able to find the right words when it comes to arguing or negotiating. I would like to be able to control my emotions better”.

“I have just taken over the management of a new team. One of its members had applied for the leadership of the team and is very disappointed not to have been chosen. He’s waiting for me. He’s the backbone of the team and I can’t afford to have him against me or lose him. How do I gain his trust and quickly establish my leadership after him and this whole new team?”

“I am no longer progressing in my current position and at my level, there are no opportunities internally. It’s time for me to move to another company but it’s been over 10 years since I’ve interviewed for a job and I wouldn’t know how to sell myself well.”

“I spend my life running. Between the pressure of work and my family life, I don’t have a moment’s peace. I even feel guilty about taking a moment for myself. I’d like to find a better work-life balance.”

Becoming a radiant and loving leader is about enjoying the freedom to be fully yourself and encouraging your people to do the same.Each of these 10 themes will help you to know yourself better, to love yourself better, to feel free to be fully yourself:

  • Developing self-knowledge
  • Listen to the intelligence of your heart
  • Have faith in yourself and love yourself
  • Get out of power games and ego
  • Manage change and uncertainty with serenity
  • Develop your intuition and vision
  • Make the right decisions
  • Having a job you love
  • Having a life you love
  • Balancing your professional and private life

Does one of these themes resonate deeply with you?
Why don’t we talk about it quietly together…

Personalised coaching for CEOs, Executives and Entrepreneurs

“The loneliness of the leader is always difficult. I often feel discouragement and incomprehension. The most difficult times for me are the periods of doubt when I tell myself that I will never succeed. The unwavering support of someone I trust, who fully understands me, is indispensable for me.”

“The crisis we have just gone through has profoundly changed the relationship between collaborators and the company. It has become every man for himself. We’re all optimized. There’s no emotional connection anymore, no attachment. How can we get all the collaborators back to the office and rediscover the pleasure of working together?”

“Our company has gone through a long period of restructuring. Part of our business was sold. We had to reorganize to save money and we reduced the workforce. We now have the right organization. How can we restore confidence among collaborators and give a new lease of life, a new impetus?”

“Decisions taken in the past were not always the right ones. We went through a series of setbacks and failures. This has cost us dearly. Some would say it’s bad luck, but it’s not luck. We need to improve our decision making to make better choices in the future.” 

As a member of the Executive Committee, you are responsible for creating the conditions necessary to achieve the company’s strategic goals and thereby the collective success. By living the company’s values to the fullest, by personally embodying the desired change, and by putting your heart and soul into it, you have the opportunity to become a radiant and loving leader, and to inspire all your colleagues.


Situations encountered by people I have mentored:

“The relationship with my boss is really difficult and it’s time for me to move internally. There will be opportunities for me for sure. However, I’m afraid he’s not willing to let me go and he’s putting the screws to me. He needs me too much in the team to make progress on important projects. How do I keep him from being an obstacle to my development?”

“I find myself in the incredible situation of having 2 job offers at the same time: either to take over the Marketing Department of the French subsidiary of a large international group with a very large team to manage, or to take over the Marketing Department of a very successful French company, with a smaller team, but more latitude in terms of strategy and very attractive medium-term development prospects. I really don’t know which choice to make.”

“I have just lost my job and I have to go back to an active search. Among the published offers, very few correspond to my profile. How can I organize my job search and effectively reactivate my network to identify new opportunities and bounce back quickly?”

Through my mentoring support, I put all the richness of my professional experience at the service of your development. You will also benefit from the teachings of my study programs on leadership, as well as from my exchanges with my various networks and partners.

  • Extensive experience in business and strategic change management: integration of new businesses, divestitures, relocation, concentration of decision centers.

  • More than 20 years of experience in marketing, strategic and sales management positions in large international groups, managing multi-cultural and multi-functional teams and collaborating with managers of all nationalities.

  • A deep knowledge of human beings, their motivations and fears, and conflict resolution.

  • A kind and loving listening, accompanied by a coaching posture.

  • Through my questions, I will help you to take a step back, to perceive the major stakes of the company, to understand its dynamics, to identify the risks to which you are exposed, but also and especially all the opportunities which are offered to you.

  • Sharing experiences can be very inspiring to help you identify solutions to better manage your collaborators in stressful situations.

  • Sharing knowledge will certainly help you to decode the power games that are played around you, the sources of misunderstanding and how to resolve everyday conflicts.

  • I will be there, by your side, to encourage you to invest the best of yourself, with discernment to reach your goal.

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